Henrik Danielsen at the opening of Sct. Hans Forensic Psychiatry

A visionary project with a focus on healing architecture 

"The Capital Region went into this project with the vision that the new Centre at Sct. Hans would be a leader in the treatment of forensic psychiatric patients. This places high demands on the architectural framework, where safety, security and differentiated treatment with patients at the centre have been the focal points for creating a healing architecture. It has been a challenging task, but I think we have done a great job in achieving our ambitions," says technical director and partner Henrik Danielsen from KHR Architecture.

"Soon the patients will move in and then the construction will have to stand its final test. Already, though, we've had so many positive comments that I'm very hopeful."

Mikkel Beedholm listens

The team behind the project

KHR Architecture has acted as general consultant on the project together with a strong team consisting of Rubow Arkitekter, S&M Rådgivende Ingeniører, Oluf Jørgensen and Opland.

You can read more about the vision behind the new forensic psychiatric centre at The region's website and see more pictures of the the architecture of the new Sct. Hans here.