The Greenlandic society, landscape and climate make special demands on architecture, construction techniques and choice of materials. Based on the experience KHR has gained creating architecture in Greenland over the past 20 years, creative partner Janina Zerbe will talk on 26 April about the opportunities and challenges architects face in an Arctic climate. Hear, among other things:

  • What characterises modern Greenlandic architecture
  • How the architectural heritage and building style of Greenland influences KHR's projects
  • What it takes to build in an Arctic climate
  • What lessons and aha-experiences it has given KHR to build in Greenland
  • How to get started in the Greenlandic market and who are the key partners
  • What is the social significance of architecture in Greenland?

KHR Architecture has over the past decades built numerous of the most significant buildings in Nuuk, such as Malik swimming pool, Hans Lynge School, the University Park and the Nature Institute. The latest winning task is a Iron and Metal Schoolto be built in Sisimiut in West Greenland. The school will pave the way for the city to become a real education city and could thus be of crucial importance for the city's future. At the same time, the location of the site requires an innovative solution to meet all requirements: "This is exactly the type of project we are passionate about," explains Janina Zerbe. "Our main purpose as a design studio is to make a positive difference to people and society through architecture, and there is often a lot of potential to be unlocked in Greenlandic projects." There will of course be an opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentation, which will take place over Teams on 26 April from 15.30-16.30.

Read more and register for the event at City Network.