• Vinge S-train station and new district


Vinge Station is assigned the main role in the vision of a New Vinge City. A role that the station is entrusted to play with such character that the resonance is experienced as highly attractive by both the casual traveller and the permanent resident. The future city is experienced through a universal juxtaposition of a Station, a Landscape and a City.

Frederikssund Municipality
30 000 ㎡
2nd prize

The life-giving nature of Vinge creates the conditions for the design of the central urban landscape in and around Vinge Station.

Varying amounts of surface water from the surrounding city shape the new lake, which then creates the physical and visual connections between the station, the urban space and the large bodies of water to the north. The skirt forms a natural social meeting place with physical and visual connections between the station and the surrounding landscape to the south.

The intentions create juxtapositions between city, settlement, landscape and nature, which further inspires the designs of the new multifunctional districts.


Vinge S-train station and new district

The station must set the scene both figuratively and concretely, and must appear as the icon that occupies the first act. The station must act as the metaphor that unfolds the ambitious expectations of the big idea, in order to resolve the pragmatic and physical constraints that the programme attributes to the station as the transport hub and physical exchanger for an entire new city.

The understanding of and empathy with the natural elements must here be combined with the social life of the city to form an overall characteristic in and around the station. The station stages the narratives of the landscape, and the two together will create the new universe of the future city.

"The districts around Vinge Station have a greater urban concentration, which is why we have taken as our starting point scale two, which connects the residential areas in the delta area. Like the station, the new neighbourhoods will interact with the landscape to create a physical and social framework for everyday life."

Peter Nielsen, Head of Building Consultancy, KHR Architecture




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