KHR has developed concept and design manuals for a chain of net cafés for TDC. KHR's work ranges from the detail to the whole and has paved the way for seven cafés so far.

TDC Internet

A flexible concept

KHR has created a flexible concept whose identity and physicality can be implemented in spaces of varying geography, size and shape. The basic idea of the concept is to play in clans - either with players in the café or with online gamers via the Boomtown net community. On a large screen, selected games can be followed by café visitors. It's all about excitement, competition and empathy in the form of strategy, exploration, hunting and combat - a social event in a relaxed environment at Boomtown.

The first TDC Boomtown Netcafé opened in Axelborg, Copenhagen, in September 2001. Since then, six others have followed in Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Zurich and on board DFDS' two Norwegian ferries, the Crown and the Pearl.

People and machines

The cafés are designed to stimulate human interaction on the one hand and the body's interaction with the machine on the other. Once each player is connected to his or her seat, the senses are directed towards the screen and keyboard, while communication is allowed to flow freely through the large network.

Seating is orchestrated in intimate groups of four with opportunities for conversation and eye contact. The minimal design contributes to the coherence, outlook and openness of the whole café, where the powerful machines visibly invite you to play.


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