Partner, Professor Jan Søndergaard is leading a new strategic collaboration between KADK, KAB and the production companies Strøjer tegl and BB fiberbeton.

The strategic collaboration is part of the teaching module "6-week block" for third-year students at KADK's Department of Architecture and Technology. Jan Søndergaard has launched a large-scale project where students work on qualifying a existing residential area. The task has been to come up with proposals for unseen energy optimizations on existing facades. The challenge has been to reinterpret the use of clay in construction, in isolation, or in combinations with fibre concrete.

The result is a wide range of unique proposals on energy optimisation, which beautifully proposes new holistic solutions that combine functionality, tectonics and architecture into feasible solutions that are now entering an evaluation phase prior to product development aimed at final realisation.

The concept for the new teaching method was created by Partner Professor Jan Søndergaard and is based on experiences from our project "Generic Bocelle" which was created in a collaboration between KHR Architects, Copenhagen Carpenters Guild, KADK, Fiberline Composite and Copenhagen Technical School.