Sustainable facade

A facade born sustainable

In good sustainable architecture, form, function, flow and sustainability go hand in hand, because the objective of sustainability is already considered in the design process.

The facade of the office building Østerport 2 is a very good example of how the architectural design itself contributes to making the building more sustainable, both environmentally and socially. 


Sustainable facade geometry

A better indoor climate and lower energy consumption

The slope and coating of the windows means that glare and glare from sunlight are significantly reduced, allowing natural light to flow freely. This avoids electrically powered solar shading and reduces the need for artificial light.

This results in both lower energy consumption and a better indoor climate in the office building.

Functional facade with social and environmental sustainability

Facade geometry promotes social sustainability

The special facade geometry also helps to create space for 860 metres of lounge sofa all around the facade. This benefits the social sustainability of the workplace because everyone benefits equally from the good view and the opportunity to take spontaneous breaks. 

The offices, on the other hand, are set back where there is working space and better lighting conditions for screen work.  
Social sustainability is essential for the functioning and longevity of architecture - and in this way it also becomes essential for environmental and economic sustainability.



Lounge sofa in the facade

The gallery corridor integrates the life of the building into the city

Østerport 2's gallery corridor in the facade also means that the dynamic part of life in the building enriches the city.

Instead of showing a static office environment, perhaps even with the curtains drawn, Østerport 2 shows an office in motion, where people are on their way from a to b or taking a break in the lounge. In the same way, employees inside the building enjoy life on Oslo Square as they move along the corridor or use the lounge environment.

Instead of creating an atrium that mimics city life, the real city is used as the atrium.