Norwegian-Danish architect and consultant group wins concept phase of New Helgeland Hospital

In autumn 2021, the publicly owned Sykehusbygg, on behalf of the Helgeland Hospital HF, invited to a competition for architectural and consulting engineering services in connection with the implementation of the concept phase of the New Helgeland Hospital project. A design team with a long history of collaboration on both the architectural and engineering sides is now taking on this task. The group will be responsible for the concept phase of the New Helgeland Hospital, with an option for the subsequent preliminary project. The project includes three different locations in the Helgeland region.

-It's a project we've been following for a long time and have been very keen to be involved in. We are confident that the collaborative relationships and the combined competence of our group will add both viability and good solutions to the project," says project manager Bjørn Terje Pettersen from Rambøll.

The hospital structure on Helgeland has been discussed for several years, and extensive work has already been done to develop the New Helgeland Hospital project. The aim of the project is for Helgeland Hospital HF to further develop a good local hospital offer and decentralised medical specialties on Helgeland. In close cooperation with the municipalities, it will strengthen research, professional development and education.

In January 2020, the structure and location of the new hospital set-up in Helgeland was decided. This includes a hospital in Mosjøen, an emergency hospital in Mo i Rana and one in Sandnessjøen, which will serve as the main hospital.

- To achieve our ambition of developing Norway's best community hospital, we rely on close collaboration with our clients, professional communities and authorities. We focus on facilitating a forum for collaboration with a special focus on bringing the three locations together in one project, says functional architect Nina Kielland from PKA Architects and design team leader Ida Garvik Villadsen from KHR Architecture.

Sweco will provide technical advice to the project team.

- We have gradually built up a strong expertise in hospital projects and look forward to using this in a new project. Sweco has been involved in the early phase and knows both the project and the different issues well. We are now looking forward to taking the next step, and to working with the talented players who are part of the group, says Project Manager Åge Jensås at Sweco.


Helgeland is the southernmost region in Northern Norway, located just south of the Arctic Circle. The region covers approximately 18,000 m2 and has about 80,000 inhabitants.

The current Helgeland Hospital is located in Sandnessjøen and works in both the somatic and psychiatric areas. In January 2020, it was decided that Helgeland Hospital would have several departments in the future, with a vision of creating Norway's best local hospital. This project has now reached the concept phase, based on a set of values based on quality, safety, respect and teamwork.

Hospital building HF is a national competence centre for hospital planning and construction, owned by the four Norwegian health regions. All hospital construction projects over 500 mill. NOK will be handled by Sykehusbygg HF.

Helgeland Hospital HF is the official project owner and contracting party for the New Helgelandsykehus project.

The project team will examine two alternative scenarios at this stage:

Option 1: New building of 26,000 m2 in Sandnessjøen and surroundings, and upgrading and rebuilding for the other sites, Mo in Rana and Mosjøen for a total of 24,300 m2

Option 2: Development and extension of the existing hospital in Sandnessjøen of 25,500 m2 on the existing site, and upgrading and refurbishment for the other sites, Mo in Rana and Mosjøen, totalling 8,600 m2.

Project Group is an architectural and consultancy group with roots in some of the strongest architectural and engineering communities in hospital design in the Nordic region. The team knows each other already and looks forward to continuing the good cooperation within the group.

Rambøll, which acquired Henning Larsen in 2021, PKA architects and KHR Architecture have worked closely together since 2006 on Haukeland Children and Youth Hospital in Bergen, whose second stage is in its final phase. Sweco is the technical advisor on the Helgeland project.