As a private developer, what do you need to be aware of if you want to take on the role of delegated developer for a social housing organisation?

With many of the attractive building sites comes a requirement for a certain percentage of residential construction. This makes private-public partnerships and the use of a delegated developer model obvious. If you are a private developer who would like to build private sector projects but lack knowledge of the delegated developer model, both legally and practically, this morning session is the place to start.
Lawyer Veronica Petersen is an expert in this field and will explain the possibilities, the legal basis and what you need to be aware of as a delegated developer. Architect Torben Juul has practical experience of projects solved in a delegated developer model and will show what it takes to create a win-win project.

Today's program

8.30-9.00: Networking coffee and croissants

9.00: Welcome by Partner Lars Kragh, KHR Architecture

9.05: The legal basis of the delegated developer model by Partner Veronica Petersen, NT Advokater
Lawyer Veronica Petersen from NT Advokater will review the law, tips and tricks on the delegated developer model with a special focus on the role of the private developer. Veronica has 10+ years of experience in organising and implementing collaborations between social housing organisations and private developers.

9.40: The delegated developer model in practice - case from Kregme by Partner and Design Director Torben Juul
Architect Torben Juul from KHR Architecture shares experiences and shows solutions from a current project from Kregme, where Svanen Development together with Bo-Vita develops 16500 m2 of housing based on Halsnæs Municipality's vision of a socially sustainable housing environment with a close integration of public and private housing.

10.00: Thank you for today
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Tid: 25. Januar 2023 kl. 8.30-10
Sted: Kanonbådsvej 4b, 1437 Kbh K
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