KHR Architecture has hired Torben Juul as head of a new focused effort on residential construction. The Holmen-based architectural firm is on a growth mission, and the hiring of Torben Juul, who comes from a position as founder and director of Zeso Architects, should be seen as a strategic prioritization of housing.

"We are really happy to have Torben join the team," says Director and Partner of KHR Architecture, Lars Kragh. "Torben brings a great deal of expertise and a good network within residential construction, so we can help even more developers realise residential projects that are out of the ordinary. "In addition to residential, KHR works primarily with commercial, educational and healthcare construction. As part of KHR's growth strategy, the firm has increased its share of private clients and collaborations with real estate developers in recent years.

"We've confirmed that it makes a lot of sense for us to work with property developers, so we can help define the project from the outset. This fits in very well with the holistic approach we take in our projects and helps to create extra value for both the developer and the future users. I am looking forward to Torben Juul also strategically developing residential construction as a business area within KHR."

Torben Juul is an architect by training, but has worked for decades at the intersection of architecture and business development: "I am very much looking forward to getting close to the projects and customers at KHR. It is in this meeting that I thrive and am motivated," he explains. "KHR is really a fast-paced place, and it is the right environment for me. At the same time, I get to work with a team of super talented people with a high level of professional ambition, so we can really get some cool projects off the ground." Torben Juul will take up his position as Head of Residential Construction at KHR Architecture on 1 March.