Engineering graduate at the head of the architects 

In their latest issue, Byggeri+Arkitektur features an interview with KHR Architecture's CEO Lars Kragh.

Lars Kragh has been CEO since 2014. He is in charge of the architects, but he himself is a trained engineer, and tells Byggeri+Arkitektur:

"When I got the CEO job, many of my friends said it was time I joined an architecture firm. There's always been a lot of architect in me." 

Lars Kragh himself studied at the Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, but switched to engineering. Today, he is happy with that choice, but appreciates being at a design studio that hasn't been bought by an engineering firm.

Copenhagen Metro trains

Functionality and creativity 

According to Lars Kragh, there are great professional differences between architects and engineers, but Lars Kragh sees it as a strength that, unlike in some other countries, they are not trained in the same place.

"It is a great strength that Danish architects are allowed to maintain a strong creativity. We try to preserve this strength by being an independent practising architectural practice." 

But it's not just the creative that should drive the architecture. Buildings must be functional enough to meet the needs of ordinary people.  

At KHR Architecture, we have been behind buildings that are part of many people's everyday lives since 1946. Including Hvidovre Hospital, Lyngby Storcenter and the first 17 stations of the Copenhagen Metro.

School at the Broad Reed

Extended business plan

During his time as CEO at KHR Architecture, Lars Kragh has worked to expand the company's business plan. 

"I thought we should look beyond Valby Bakke, and in my time there has been an internationalisation. We have started in Germany, we have a strengthened position in Norway and we have reactivated our presence in Greenland."

Although KHR Architecture works on several projects abroad, the firm maintains its signature by having a single head office in Denmark.

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