The Dolomite Houses in the City Plan

A sustainable housing project in Ørestaden

KHR is for Core Property completing a sustainable housing projectcombining apartments and townhouses. The project has just been pre-certified for DGNB Gold by Green Building Council Denmark.

"I'm happy to see that we have made an effort to create a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable housing project," says Creative Partner Janina Zerbe from KHR Architecture.

DGNB Precertification Gold

A building without a back

"Architecturally, the Dolomite Houses are a building without a back, because the entrances and gardens are interwoven. This enhances social sustainability by creating more spontaneous encounters and contributing to the life of two streets. Social sustainability is an aspect that we at KHR focus on, but which unfortunately is often overlooked in the sustainability debate.

At the same time, we have worked a lot on indoor climate and energy efficiency, including skylights that provide natural light and ventilation, and a large building depth that means the building retains heat better."

The Dolomite Houses for the Journey

Long-lasting architecture

"One of the most important parameters in terms of sustainability is the longevity of the building, including the fact that the architecture is forward-looking so that it will provide a good environment for residents both now and in the future. All the townhouses have outdoor spaces facing south, enhancing the quality of living and the amount of green space. Naturally, we have also focused on choosing good, long-lasting materials and using best practices in terms of protecting vulnerable building parts."  

The Dolomite houses are expected to be completed in spring 2022, after which the construction can receive its final certification. Click to read more about the project or our services at sustainability.