Dolomite houses receive DGNB Silver certification

Dolomithusene is a residential development in Ørestad, which now boasts a DGNB Silver certificate including a top score of 98 out of 100 possible points in the assessment of the building's life cycle cost (LCC). LCC looks not only at the cost of constructing the project, but also at the costs that await the owner when the building needs to be operated and maintained.

"At KHR, we've always focused on creating long-lasting architecture, so I'm very happy that life cycle costs are now more in focus. It promotes architectural and material solutions that are economical, aesthetic and sustainable also in a long-term perspective," says Janina Zerbe from KHR Architecture.

The architectural approach has made it possible to optimise the use of a difficult site by allowing the building to run across the entire site and orientate itself towards two streets. Skylights and roof terraces mean that the third facade is also utilised to create good light conditions and opportunities for outdoor living. All of which helps to support a good sense of well-being and the opportunity for good contact with other residents in the neighbourhood. The Dolomite houses also fulfil the DGNB Gold standard for process and social quality.

At KHR Architecture, we work with both DGNB and international certifications. Reach out to usClick here to learn more about the possibilities of getting your construction or renovation project certified.