A new district school as part of the development of Wilhelmsburg

The school "Inselcampus Wilhelmsburg" is part of the development of the Elbinsel-Quartier area in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district, which has been made possible by the re-routing of a major road.

Elbinselquartier will help to link existing settlements into a larger urban whole. The competition brief states the ambition for the area:

"The goal of the approximately 47-hectare "Elbinselquartier" project area, with approximately 2,100 new apartments, is an integrated, collaborative area development that will create a socially and functionally mixed-use neighbourhood. A neighbourhood in the best sense of the word, where housing, business, allotments, education and care facilities and open spaces provide a high quality of life in a compatible coexistence."

The competition is due at the end of April and the jury expects to pick a winner on 15 June.

German-Danish cooperation on ambitious school projects

KHR Architecture and Renner Architekten are already collaborating on a competition proposal for the prestigious HafenCity Campus in Hamburg on the other side of the Elbe, as well as the School Am Breiten Luch in Berlin.