KHR Architecture is on the BUS 2 project, Haukeland Children's and Youth Hospital, has embarked on a development project that is in keeping with the firm's tradition of being at the forefront of digital technology and helping to develop and shape the industry.

The decision to implement the BUS project as a fully digital and paperless site was taken in spring 2017, after which development and planning started. The project has towering ambitions in the field of digitalisation and is therefore a pioneering project in its own league. The goal is to implement the world's first fully digital and paperless construction project in healthcare construction.

All-digital and paperless construction site means that all actors in the construction phase - design team, contractors, subcontractors, craftsmen and client - via software platforms collaborate, communicate and perform all project and construction work with the same basis and premise. All stakeholders at all stages of the construction project can access the latest updated drawings and documents via computer, mobile or tablet. This means there is live interaction with everyone on the project and corrections, changes, adjustments and issues can be made and resolved quickly and efficiently between the relevant parties involved.

KHR is therefore naturally part of an advisory committee for digitisation in the construction industry. Mads Johansen, a member of the committee, gave a presentation to Terms of reference Advisory committee for digitisation under the auspices of MiljøForum Fyn-Byggeri on the BUS II project.

The subject of the presentation was the digital and paperless construction site, which as mentioned is BUS 2's major initiative.

The Digitisation Committee, made up of a group of stakeholders in the digital world of construction, got an insight into the visions, strategies and not least the challenges faced. This provided an opportunity for a lot of interesting views, wonder and, not least, huge interest in the Bergen project as the pioneering project it is.

KHR is proud to be part of a construction project with such great vision, which clearly resonates in our industry.