KHR is growing and has hired 25 new employees over the past year. This has increased the need for more focus on employee attraction and retention. In 2020, KHR hired a dedicated HR consultant, and now the recruitment process is being further streamlined with a new HR portal.

"Employees are our most important resource and it is crucial that we attract the best architects and designers to our team," says KHR's CEO Lars Kragh.

To ensure employee recruitment, KHR has hired an HR consultant who, in addition to recruitment, also focuses on employee well-being and development. A new HR portal will support the recruitment process, which in the architectural sector is traditionally very network-based.

"Our new portal will both make it easy for applicants and ensure that we have the best basis for selecting candidates. Everyone who sends us an invited or unsolicited application should receive a quick response and know that we value their enquiry, regardless of whether we have a matching vacancy or not," says HR consultant at KHR, Hanne Kongsgaard Sørensen.

See and try out the job portal here.

The target is 120 employees

"Once we were the largest design studio in Denmark. We have no desire to become that again, but a certain size gives us a better opportunity to have specialist skills in-house and be able to take on challenging projects at a high level," explains director Lars Kragh.

"These include digital skills to work 100 % paperless on projects, sustainability knowledge and certifications, our own research department and knowledge of the language and culture of our international markets.

"Due to a strong influx of projects for both private and public clients, KHR has hired approximately 25 new employees over the past year. A total of 100 people are currently working either at the head office on Holmen or at project offices in Denmark and abroad. The expectation and desire is to hit 120 employees within a year.