James Dyke and Per Yderholm from Core Property Management

"A total of 16 townhouses and 35 apartments are ready to be occupied next year and I am very happy with the result! The architecture is beautiful, the apartments well decorated and there are interesting facades. We have had a really good collaboration with KHR Architecture and it is really great to stand here today and see how the many thoughts and discussions have turned into innovative project that stands out."

Per Yderholm, Construction and Development Manager at Core Property

Janina Zerbe inaugurates the Dolomite Houses

A building without a back

"The Dolomite houses have been a challenging architectural task because the site is too small to make classic townhouses. We turned that challenge into a strength by interweaving the homes. In this way we have created a functional layout and flats via a stairwell with skylight.

The innovative floor plan also means that all homes face both south and north - either with living spaces facing north and roof terraces facing south, or vice versa. In this way, the Dolomite houses belong to two streets and will enrich the district with life on both sides."

Janina Zerbe, Creative Partner at KHR Architecture