Focus on community

"Imagine a dynamic residential environment in the green, where families, young people and the elderly live side by side with plenty of space for both community and alone time. This is the ambition of the sketch proposal Life in the Green, which we have just designed for a private developer," says Torben Juul, who heads KHR Architectures. housing projects. "We are seeing an increasing demand for housing with a special focus on the community or targeted at the growing target group of active older people. This outline proposal is an example where the two elements are combined to form a whole. The housing environment will provide a dynamic mix of residents and synergies across generations. The variety of housing types will allow people to move as needed without moving out of the neighborhood and community."

An existing farm on Zealand

The setting for the proposal is an existing farm on Zealand. A total of four new "farm buildings" are placed around the existing farm. The dwellings in these farms are optimal for active elderly people who want to live in harmony with nature, but at the same time have a good social network and security in the immediate environment.

"The farm is preserved and sets the framework for the architecture, which combines modern comfort with the existing atmosphere of the idyllic site. Nature plays a major role here, and the entire building faces a shared green space that can be enjoyed both from inside and outside," explains Torben Juul about the ideas behind the sketch.

"At the edge of the development, the family housing is placed in the form of terraced houses, which have private gardens oriented towards the communal park, which is almost framed by the houses. This makes it easy to alternate between the private space and the community. It is precisely this opportunity to combine the private and the communal that we see in great demand today. A lot of people have come to appreciate the values of the village environment or of living under the same roof for several generations, but the concept obviously needs to be adapted to a modern age, and this sketch proposal is a very good example of that."

"Over time, you could grow up as a child in one of the family homes, move to a teenager's room on the 'farm', settle down with children in a terraced house and move into a senior home when the children have left home".

A large open landscape space around the farm and lake is intended as a meeting place at the heart of the development. Greenhouses, communal gardens, barbecue areas, seating areas, play areas and a large nature playground create space for communities across generations and housing clusters.

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