KHR participated in the competition for the New Hospital in the West DNV-Gødstrup. The proposal is based on the way people have built in the open countryside for centuries, where shelter from winds also creates sunny and sheltered gardens.

Central Jutland Region
78 000 ㎡
DKK 3,15 MIA
Architectural worker

Buildings and landscape divided in two

With a large north-south arch, both the buildings and the landscape are divided in two. To the west, a low-lying, planted parking area has been created in the landscape, enclosing a brick, three-storey emergency and treatment building.

To the east are the elective functions of the hospital, which slide into an open park landscape. These are given light facades, which are repeated in the upper floors with inpatient wards. The bed sections overlap the walled section, so that the two building structures are woven closely together in an informal and varied building sculpture.

"The proposal is based on the way the open countryside has been built for centuries: shield it from the prevailing winds, create sunny, sheltered gardens."

Peter Nielsen, Head of Building Consultancy, KHR Architecture

DNV-Gødstrup - Competition proposal

Consortium Medic DNV consisting of KHR architects; Dall & Lindhardtsen; White Architects (DK & S); EKJ Consulting Engineers; WSP (S & UK); Midtconsult, Bisgaard Landscape Architects; Arkitec; Oluf Jørgensen Consulting Engineers and Lindgaard Consulting Engineers FRI participated among 5 teams in the competition for the new New Hospital in West DNV-Gødstrup.

The closed and the open

The large arch is the unifying orientation element of the whole complex. Inside the building structure, a continuous two-three storey space - called the arcade - connects the hospital's two entrances, a northern one towards the station and a southern one facing the main entrance for pedestrians.

The arcade appears with closed areas to the west, while to the east it constantly opens out onto the courtyards of the open, lush "garden village" structure. The building's outward-facing or central communal functions are grouped along the arcade. Externally, the building complex appears as a dense, unified urban structure with varying heights and a rich and diverse façade image.

The project was selected as one of two winners of the design competition, but was not selected for construction.


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