The new beds for "New Forensic Psychiatry Sct. Hans" is under development and a bed room with a focus on homeliness is being created. During the development of the 126 beds, we are working on creating homely elements that contribute to reducing the institutionalisation of patients. The main feature of the bed room is a wooden cabinet which provides space for the patient's belongings in the form of a built-in cupboard, shelves and a table. The wood creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in the room which contributes to a feeling of homeliness. Further work is done to provide the patient with differentiated light settings, thus enabling different situations and moods. The window sill has become a sitting niche, a personal space where the patient can read, enjoy the view or simply relax. The functions are combined in one large piece of furniture as an integral part of the room. This gives the room a calmness that leaves room for the patient to occupy and personalise the space.


The project consists of 4 senior units, outdoor and indoor communal activities and an arrival house with staff and visitor facilities. Each bed unit is designed as a cluster of three courtyard rooms. The arrival building is located in the extension of the axis Tofteparken, in the existing Sct. Hans Øst, serves as the visual gateway to the development. The building itself forms the perimeter around the site. The entire development is linked by an inner garden corridor/parter with associated communal functions. In the centre is the large and eventful activity park from which, due to the layout of the buildings on the site and the sloping terrain, there is a view of the park, outdoor activity areas and the landscape, but never directly into a dwelling.

The dwellings are always located with a view of the landscape and never with a view obstruction between two dwellings. The focus on staff and patient workflows, well-being and safety is an overarching parameter of the plan layout. The project consciously works with the healing architecture, the importance of light, air and nature. The buildings thus offer views of the stunning countryside or green garden spaces. One always moves from view to view.