KHR Architecture is looking for designers, architects, project managers and client advisors

We are looking for experienced people who, like us, are passionate about realising innovative, long-lasting architecture that makes a positive difference for users. You will be part of a team that works together with great professional and human integrity to promote good architecture through the projects we undertake for and with our clients. With us, there is room for creative expression, initiative and good colleagueship regardless of seniority or function.

Specifically, we are looking for experienced people for the following positions:

KHR Architecture is known for creating large-scale welfare architecture projects for public clients, especially hospitals and schools. Social sustainability has therefore always been a key focal point, which we now systematically incorporate into our processes and concepts. We are also increasingly solving projects for clients in the private sector, where you will work with residential projects or commercial buildings, such as domiciles, offices or retail; including transformation and space planning tasks. Together we will find the tasks that best match your competences and interests. 

Are you looking for a position as a project manager?
 it is important that you have a good overview and strong communication and collaboration skills. You are able to successfully complete the project in all project phases on time and with the right architectural quality.

You ensure an ongoing dialogue and alignment of expectations with the customer, authorities, business partners and colleagues on the project, and you understand how to use each individual's skills and expertise optimally to ensure good dynamics in the project team - Read more here.

If you are looking for a position as a design engineer, you are You are an experienced Revit user with a flair for detail, preferably with a craft background. It would be an advantage if you are familiar with Molio's description tools. You may even be able to carry out calculations and financial estimates on projects. We emphasise that you have an architectural understanding and help ensure the architectural coherence of the projects from main idea to detail - read more here.

Are you looking for a position as a design architect? You must be able to ensure consistency between the main architectural idea and the project's detailing. You have a good understanding of constructability and project phases and deliverables. You can design in Revit, combined with Rhino/ Sketchup/ Nscape - read more here.

Looking for a position as a client advisor, you have a strong technical background, preferably an engineering background and many years of experience, e.g. from working with/at property companies, property funds and pension funds. It is natural for you to have professional customer contact - also in English - and you have a good commercial understanding of the customer's situation - read more here.

We offer flexible working conditions, freedom with responsibility and a professional but relaxed working environment with room for laughter. We go on annual study trips, have a delicious lunch scheme, good coffee, fresh fruit, a massage scheme and a Friday bar.

About us
At KHR, we challenge each other and our clients to realise the full potential of each project. We have the courage to innovate, while building on generations of architects and designers' experience of creating spaces and architecture for people through our 77-year history.

We offer a creative environment where architecture is in focus and constantly evolving. We endeavour to make good matches between the uniqueness of a project and the interests and skills of our employees. It is important to us that our employees thrive in the open and informal working environment and have the opportunity to further develop their competences. Right now, we are approximately 60 building designers, architects, engineers, consultants and administrative staff working in cosy offices in the Gunboat Houses on Holmen.