Learn more about the Planning Act in theory and practice

When? Wednesday 24 January 2023 from 8:15-10:00 am
Where? KHR Architecture, Kanonbådsvej 4b, 1437 Kbh K
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How do you reconcile regulatory requirements, contextual considerations and commercial desires when developing a new project?
Land surveyor Kristian Baatrup and urban planning expert Elisabeth Jeppesen will shed light on the legal framework, go through the typical processes, talk about common pitfalls and present real-world cases. Naturally, there will also be time for questions and dialogue.

The morning programme

8.15-8.30: Networking coffee and croissants

8.30am: Welcome and round table - participants briefly introduce themselves and any challenges related to the day's theme

8.45: Cases - Planning process from the real world by urban planning expert Elisabeth Jeppesen 

Urban planning expert Elisabeth Jeppesen shares her experiences from concrete development projects in the metropolitan area. Elisabeth Jeppesen is a trained architect specialising in urban planning and has worked with municipal and local planning over the past 12 years on different sides of the table.

9.00: The Planning Act - A practical review of legislation in the area by Kristian Baatrup, surveyor

Kristian Baatrup gives an introduction to the Planning Act based on the developer's perspective and their specific issues. Kristian has 20 years of experience as a land surveyor and has for the past many years advised on planning and property law, first on his own and now as a partner in Skel.dk.

09.30: When law meets practice - experience examples of handling specific legal requirements
by urban planning expert Elisabeth Jeppesen 

Time for questions. We'd love to discuss specific issues from your own projects.

10.00: Thank you for today

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