KHR Architecture has just submitted a competition proposal for the development and renovation of the former site of the Old Nanset School in Larvik. The proposal preserves and enhances the qualities of the nearby residential villages with detached buildings, close garden spaces and visual connections across roads and neighbouring boundaries. The competition will be decided at the end of May.

In the context of the submission of the competition proposal, the competition is mentioned in Østlands-Posten, where they write:

"While the two Norwegian companies have taken the school idea as a starting point to create exciting, complex tree environments, the Danes in KHR have gone in a different direction. Their proposal is called Kirsebærhagen, and is a residential building inspired by the classical residential villages.

The Danes see for themselves seven apartment complexes, as they call the villas, located in such a way that everyone gets daylight from three sides, while being closely linked to green lungs.

They have thought differently. If you go into the details, it's fascinating how you see each apartment as being unserviced while being part of a large, green apartment complex. It's a very exciting idea," says Voll Midtgaard.