KHR Architecture is in the winning team of the total contract competition for 'Atuarfik Narsasuaq - School on the plain' in Nuuk. The project includes a new school, SFO and a new day care centre totalling approximately 17,000 m2.

The winning team is:

  • General contractor ISTAK
  • KHR Architecture
  • Engineer Verkis
  • VEGA Landscape

The location in the middle of Nuuk town and on the edge of the 'Great Plain' is used to create a unique school that is both an integral part of the town and at the same time connects with the landscape. The school opens up to the city with active urban spaces and facades that reflect outward-looking functions such as sports facilities, auditorium and heart space, allowing the school to function as a gathering place for the whole city after school.

The architectural expression is inspired by the ubiquitous Greenlandic nature. The building's roofs are shaped after the rocky landscape and appear silhouetted against the sky, like the contours of the mountains. The sculptural roof forms create an interior double-height spatiality with skylights in each volume. The school appears as an icon, with a subtle, understated materiality, where the details of materials and the overall composition give an overall strong expression.

The school's main approach is based on Greenland's history of nature as a basic condition for life, while pointing to a way of building that gives first priority to indoor climate, daylight and beautiful spaces where people can live and thrive. The school will be a landmark that tells a story about the child at the centre of school building, about building a city with space for people, both inside the buildings and in the space between the houses.

The new school accommodates children from 1-16 years in a continuous development, where the building embraces and follows the child as it grows, from the protected little world of the daycare to greater freedom, responsibility and outlook, so that the oldest pupils end up at the top of the school overlooking the city - ready to take on the world.

The school and the SFO have a capacity of 1200 pupils and the day care centre has 120 kindergarten and nursery children.

Client: Siorarsiorfik - Nuuk City Development A/S

Location:Nuuk, Greenland

Year: 2019

Size: approx. 17,000 m2