New architecture website khr dk

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, KHR launches a new, user-friendly website

"Whether you are a customer, a business partner or a potential employee, you should be able to find what you are looking for on without detours. We have made great efforts to create a site that has a simple, functional aesthetic that matches our identity, while at the same time helping the user intuitively around the site regardless of platform," explains graphic designer at KHR, Kirsten Vittrup Bernild.

New architecture website

Three-language website for different user types

The new website presents not only KHR's projectsbut also tells at a more general level what KHR can offer customers and partners. Of course there are also news, background information about the company, presentation of the team and KHR as a workplace. The site is available in Danish, English and German to accommodate the firm's growing international focus.

The website is made in collaboration with the Berlin-based agency Conlumina.  

Write to usif you have any comments or suggestions for the new website.