Technical due diligence and extension consultancy

"Øens Pakhus is a beautiful, historic building, which naturally adds an extra dimension to our work as client consultants, where we have had some of our most experienced people carry out the technical due diligence process. We have also assessed the possibility of building an extension - both in terms of technical construction, but also in terms of ensuring a harmonious whole. Here we benefit from our close collaboration with our architectural colleagues in the building," explains Peter Nielsen, Partner at KHR Architecture and Director of Client Consultancy.

Øens Pakhus was built in 1903 with copper details, an ornate facade and a back building from 1965 that was awarded a prize by the City of Copenhagen. The almost 4,000 square metre building used to be a warehouse for Gyldendal's Publishing House, but today it serves as a showroom for a number of well-known fashion houses.

"The property fits well into our DNA, and it is with great pleasure that we add Lindgreens Allé 12 to our portfolio", says Claus Skytte, CEO of Vision Ejendomme in a press release.

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