Vicki Thake's thesis entitled 'RUM - The fibre-reinforced polymer composites in architectural context' introduces the art of building form-led by an advanced composite with a focus on the relationship between space, material and light. Through an experimental study in different scale levels, the thesis investigates the integration of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymers) in the art of building as a particular material geometry, focusing on the internal composition between the two material components of the composite: fibre (reinforcement) and matrix (mass). The aim is to seek new ways of composing the tectonic principles of fibre geometry with textile, fluid and form-conducting properties in the production of a translucent material logic for the architectural space, element and assembly.

The thesis was carried out in collaboration between three partners - 'KHR Architecture' (practice), 'Fiberline' (industry) and 'KADK-IBT - Institute for Building Art and Technology' (research). Finally, the thesis has been produced with the support of Innovation Fund, Realdania and Frits Schlegel scholarship.