KHR management

"We are also celebrating 75 years as an independent partner-owned design practice. That gives us an architectural freedom that we value very highly."

Gunnar Krohn, Eigil Hartvig Rasmussen and Knud Holscher, who became part of the firm's management in the 1960s, were visionary architects inspired by international trends. They were instrumental in creating a new departure in Danish architecture and shaping post-war welfare architecture. A modular building system became the concept in several of the landmark projects that still stand today as successful, functional architecture; Hvidovre Hospital, Rødovre Centrum and not least Odense University, whose structural expression and level of detail set new standards for the architecture of the time. 

Nuuk school visualization

"You could say that the international outlook is a common thread that runs through our current strategy. In our relatively new circle of partners, we have a strategic focus on Germany, Norway and Greenland, which is already showing clear results."

Cherry Garden in Tårnby

Welfare architecture and new business areas 

"Today, just as in the past, we create welfare architecture when we build schools, hospitals and swimming pools. At the same time, we have recently expanded our business with both a greater focus on residential construction and a department for building consultancy, precisely because our long experience in the industry provides a very good basis for holistic advice.
To support our focus on international markets and our work with both new and old business areas, we have launched a new website in three languages."