The construction of the generic bocelle has now been erected in Copenhagen's City Hall Square and the next two days the facades will be put up. The Bocelle will only be there until Friday 4 December, so hurry and see it - it's definitely worth a visit.The Bocelle has been created through a collaboration across research, education, practice, craft and production that now culminates in the "Generic Bocelle" being erected and exhibited in Copenhagen's City Hall Square. The project was built in connection with the 500th anniversary of the Copenhagen Carpenters' Guild, where it stands as a symbol of an innovative future for the carpentry trade and construction.From Monday 30 Nov to Friday 4 Dec, you can see the project, which is being built by carpentry apprentices in collaboration with our architecture students. In this way, the viewer can follow the project's creation and see how the construction frames are assembled.The Generic Bocelle is being created through a strategic collaboration between a large number of partners: KADK, the Copenhagen Carpenters' Guild, KHR Architects, Fiberline Composite, DTU and the Copenhagen Technical School. The project is unique in that it combines research and education with practice in architecture and crafts, and industry with the production of the composite material. The project is supported by Realdania and Dreyersfond.