Janina Zerbe becomes associate partner. KHR Architects has been on the rise in recent years, winning several competitions. The positive development means that KHR Arkitekter is now focusing on growth and will seriously launch the future of the firm. KHR Arkitekter has therefore appointed architect Janina Zerbe as an associate partner, she is expected to become an important part of KHR Arkitekter's management and partner circle over the coming years. During her 1 1/2 years at KHR, Janina has led some of the firm's larger projects and has distinguished herself by demonstrating a strong understanding of KHR Architects' culture both as a firm and architecturally. She has over 10 years of experience in the profession and has previously worked at Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects and Mikkelsen Architects, among others.Janina is able to work a project from the initial sketches to the delivery of the final main project. She has experience from projects with high architectural quality, where the connection between landscape and building has been a main theme. Janina demonstrates a natural curiosity in relation to the profession and is able to motivate her surroundings as an inspiring collaborator. Janina Zerbe joined as an associate partner on 1 July 2016.