Frederiksberg Centret has won another prestigious award, becoming the first Danish shopping centre to win the VIVA Best of the Best Awards. The ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) writes: "Frederiksberg's Scandinavian design combines dynamic shapes and lines, attractive textures, and quality materials to create a warm, comfortable ambience throughout the newly expanded center."After the refurbishment and expansion in 2015, Frederiksberg Centret has been awarded many prestigious awards; the prestigious award "Best Renovated Shopping Centre 2016" given by RLI (Retails & Leisure International), in 2016 the centre received the award "The Best Shopping Centre in the Nordic Region" a prestigious award given by NCSC (Nordic Counsils of Shopping Centers) and in 2015 the centre received awards for "Denmark's Best Shopping Centre over 25.KHR Architecture has designed the new facade, two new floors and the parking deck for Frederiksberg Centret, and are therefore proud that the center has received another award.Read more about the projectRead more about the VIVA Best of the Best Awards